Peugeot 306 Auto Struggling With Revs - Hax
Hi guys. I recently bought a second-hand 306 1.6 Auto (V reg. 2000), and it's performed like a dream up until recently. The EMU/ECU light keeps "flickering" on and off and on occasion, when I come to a stop, the engine will stall.

Today, things got markedly worse still as I when I accelerated, the car changed through the gears fine, until it got to changing from third to fourth (top in this auto). At that point, the gearchange would happen fine, but the accelerator seemed to stop responding, causing the car to slow down on the gearbox until it's revs dropped enough to force it to change back into third gear (which it did with quite a large jerk). This repeated several times on the journey, so I stopped off at my local Peugeot dealer for a quick (and free :o) analysis. I was told that the coil needed replacing along with the EMU/ECU - a total of about 600 quid + VAT.

However, I've read on here (and on other places on the web) about other people who have had similar engine rev problems and in their cases, the problem was down to a stepper motor (seems to be the most common) or a thermistor in one case.

Has anyone got any ideas as to whether or not the garage is telling the truth? Or are they just trying to rip me off (I suspect that this is not the case as they told me that the previous advice from another Peugeot dealer - that the baffles in my exhaust were gone - was a load of "cobblers").

I'm not too worried about the cost to be honest as I have a warranty that *should* cover both items (if only the warranty office was open outside of Mon-Fri 9-5 - don't they realise that people still drive their cars at the weekend?)

Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm not too hot when it comes to car maintenance - computers yes, cars no :o(

Thanks in advance,

Peugeot 306 Auto Struggling With Revs - DL
Coil & ECU seem plausible but the stepper motor? No.

Let the garage take the worry on this one while you sit back and relax. I'd expect these major items to be covered under any warranty worth it's salt.

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Peugeot 306 Auto Struggling With Revs - Aprilia
The diagnosis seems reasonable.

If its an aftermarket 'breakdown' warranty then I'll think you'll find its not covered - let us know what happens though......
Peugeot 306 Auto Struggling With Revs - Hax
Well, it's been more or less two weeks to the day and a I now have a tedious tale to tell (but not an unhappy one!)

Since my initial visit to the garage for a diagnosis of what was wrong and being told that I needed a new coil and ECU, the following has happened:

I phoned the warranty company on the following Monday (Nov 3rd) and they said that even though my 20,000 mile server wasn't done until about 21250 miles which is about 250 miles outside the allowed deviation of 1,000 miles that they would still cover the faults (which I was happy about as the car had been sold to me with 18,500 miles on the clock and I can easily clock up 2,500 miles in a month and all garages were booked up for 2 weeks when I needed the service done!) but they needed to speak with one of the garages "technical" people.

Anyway, the following Friday (7th Nov) I went back to the garage and explained that the warranty company needed to speak to one of their mechanics about the issue. So, the garage called the waranty company, discussed it with them and the warranty company came back saying that they had come across this fault before and needed to send an assessor to look at the car as in the past they had found that just a new coil could fix the problem. At this point, the guys in the Peugeot garage were making comments like "they'll just send someone who knows nothing about Peugeot cars and will believe what we tell them anyway - a waste of time and money".

Well, the warranty guy turned up at the garage this Thursday (13th) spent about 15 minutes with the mechanics asking (as expected) them what the different indicators/fault codes meant and being told that they meant that a new coil and ecu were needed. However, he did pick up on one other fault code that had been missed - apparently the oxygen sensor was also faulty.

Finally, this morning, I had a call from the garage telling me that the warranty company had agreed to cover all of the reported faults and as a bonus, they will deal directly with the garage (i.e. I don't need to part with cash and then claim it back)

So, the garage has ordered the parts in and now I'm just waiting for a phone call to let me know when I can put my car in for fixing up - and cortesy of the warranty company being so picky and sending the assessor, I'm also getting a new oxygen sensor thrown in too :)

Sorry this has been such a long reply, but here's one tale that looks like it's going to end well :o)

Thanks for the previous comments guys,

Peugeot 306 Auto Struggling With Revs - Aprilia
What warranty company were you using? Sounds and unexpectedly good result to me!

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