Worthy reminder - BobbyG
Guys, just thought I would drop a note on the value of doing checks on potential used car purchases. Yes I know that we all know to do it but following happened today..

Colleague at work, just split up from his partner wants to relive his youth. Poured over the classifieds in Auto Trader, found a minted Saxo VTS. Went to see it - sellers girlfriend has just had a baby, girlfriend is 21 so insurance is too dear etc etc. Service history for the last year, receipts from local Citroen dealer etc.

After a lunch-long discussion on it, I managed to persuade him to get an HPI check - turns out that it was a total write off in Aug 2002!!!

Not sure of the class of write off etc but there was absolutely no hint given from the seller, even though he was asked, of its past. Just goes to show you that no amount of genuine reasons and supposed genuine paperwork will guarantee you a genuine car!
Worthy reminder - Miller
The first car I ever bought privately (allbiet a £500 Metro) turned out to be write off and I lost out. A few years ago a mint looking Fiesta grabbed my attention, but the asking price was suspiciously low, sure enough an HPI check revealed it had been a written off.

I will never buy privately again unless for pocket money prices as there are too many dishonest sellers.

I'm a loser, baby....so why don't you kill me?!

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