timing chain nissan micra - bazz
recently bought a 2 1/2 year old micra with 13500 miles on the clock which appear genuine. The car has been laid up a lot since new and I bought as a repo. The timing chain rattled a lot on start up and was fixed under warranty by the local nissan dealer, tho' there is no service history as the original dealer it was bought from ceased trading. Since they have carried out the mod. the timing chain still rattles a little (but a lot less) just on cold start. Should I be worried, is there anything I can do?
timing chain nissan micra - Aprilia
Some Nissan engines do rattle a bit on start-up as the tensioner fills with oil and takes up the slack. Obvioulsy, without hearing it there is no way I can tell how bad it is, but if its had a new chain then I wouldn't worry. Make sure you are using the recommended oil (probably a 5W-30 or 5W-40 SL-spec. and a genuine Nissan filter).

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