cat converter - John24
the protective cover on the lower side of the cat. on my car has rotted away along one edge and is flapping in the wind. The cat. body itself is solid but rusty. Is there any protective coating I can apply to the cat. body to cure and control the rusting process?
cat converter - M.M
If I'm thinking of the correct thing John this will be something of a heat shield rather than for corrosion protection.

Best way to secure it is two very long Jubilee clips....easily found in farming shops.

The cat gets so hot there is very little that will stick to it. Never seen a cat rotted out yet.

cat converter - Peter D
If I were you I would Siffbronze the heat shield back on, not weld, if you or a pal has a gas welder then use Kill Rust to treat the casing. DO NOT treat it first or you will not get the siffbronze to flow. Good Luck. Peter
cat converter - Dynamic Dave
Slightly puzzled by the mention of the Cat rusting. I thought the outer sheel was made from stainless steel?
cat converter - Peter D
Yes they are Dave but not of the purist quality and mnior corrosion is normal. Often the welded on heat sheild uses a softer lower quality stainless weld material and it corrodes first and the heat sheild falls off. Regards Peter


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