Better Headlights - Big John
After reading an article on headlight bulb testing in Auto Express I invested in a set of Osram Silverstar +50% bulbs (H4 60/55 - legal)to fit in my Octavia. The headlights were OK before but they are stunning now.

PS These are not "blue" bulbs, infact in the Auto Express test they found the "blue" bulbs were not as good.
Better Headlights - 8 ball
Big John: I'm just curious; if your headlights were "OK before" why did you change? And if they're now mobile searchlights I'm sure you won't adopt the awful habit of drivers on unlit roads who wait until they can see the approaching vehicle's actual headlights before dipping their own main beam. Too late, I'm already blinded; and what's worse - they're past before I can show them the error of their ways and repay the compliment. Snookered.
8 ball
Better Headlights - hillman
If they are 'stunning', have you had them checked by the MOT light tester to see that they are still legal ?
You might be causing damage to your fellow backroomers !
Better Headlights - kithmo
Have you had your headlights re-aligned when you changed your bulbs ?. I think you'll find that it is advised in your handbook. It may be that the headlights are now "stunning" because they are out of alignment and are shining too high.
Better Headlights - Sooty Tailpipes
Silverstars are only better because they are Xenon filled (which gives typically 30% brighness, but is now used on nearly all new OE bulbs, and all H7s) and the other 20% is due to high quality 'reference' engineering. The placement of the filament is spot on, of the correct size, and the quartz capsule, is well made so as to have minimal effect.
Look at the bulb tests on autoexpress, and you will see that the Osram and Philips are about the only only legal bulbs tested, with many big brand expensive bulbs at big chains being woefully illegal and misaligned.
Better Headlights - L'escargot
Now that I've moved to the Lincolnshire coast (where even the A-roads are tortuous) I could do with upgrading my Focus lights from "OK" to "stunning". Are Osram Silverstar +50% suitable?
L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Better Headlights - Sooty Tailpipes
Look on
They sell all the different types.

Philips Visionplus are another 50%+ excellent bulb in fact it is the one I have recommended to several people and all have been impressed, especially in the older H4 twin-filament design bulbs.
Better Headlights - Anglesey Ian
yes, yes, yes...

...but are they 'stunning' Sooty ?
Better Headlights - Big John
I have a horrible unlit 32 mile commute, in winter good headlights make a huge difference to this journey. In my old Passat (90) the lights were truly awful. In the Octavia the Silverstars seem to focus the light more where you want it in front of the car and kerb rather than illuminating ns hedges. The dipped beam cut off height seems to be very accurate, so I beleive I would be dazzling on-coming traffic less. As for main beam I cant comment as I rarely get chance to use it.
Better Headlights - No Do$h
At this time of year it is well worth giving your headlights a clean each evening before you set off for home. A couple of tissues are all that is needed in most cases. Who knows, maybe an upgrade of your lamps may not be necessary after all?

I upgraded the lamps on the 156 as the low-beam seemed a tad feeble. Halfords lamps, suitable e-marked and therefore legal, offering 50% more light. Although physically identical to the original lamps in filament placement, there is a marked increase in vertical overspill, with my lights clearly illuminating the interior of the car in front, with many a gesture and dipping of rear-view mirrors in the first half hour of use. As a result I have had to drive with the headlights dipped to level 2 or 3 this week and will be reverting back to the original lamps today, although I may try the 30% Osram ones at some point in the future.
Better Headlights - Sooty Tailpipes
NoDosh, the autoexpress tests used to say those bulbs were illegal and they didn't know who they were e-approved.. I just checked and it looks like the tests have been updated, with the worst makes last time all improving. Maybe you have the older ones? I remember they were made in Hungary by A-lite.
Better Headlights - No Do$h
Halfords branded box but haven't checked the markings on the lamp itself. Will do so later when I take 'em out.


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