Pug 206 overheating - mph_turbo
Hi Folks,

My sister's pug 206 1.1L has a strange overheating problem. Occasionally, in traffic, the temperature goes way up into the red which would tend to indicate that the radiator's fans are not being activated. The only way to stop this is to pull over and let the engine cool down and then everything is fine again. I have started the car numerous times and let it run until the temperature gauge climbs towards 90 degrees and the fans work everytime!!

Any ideas?


PS: Personally, I think the person that the person that designed the driver's position in the 206 must have been a sadist......
Pug 206 overheating - mph_turbo

Finally managed to find the problem. The electrical connector at the fan is a bit dodgy and tends to lose electrical contact unless securely fastened with a couple of tie-wraps.
Pug 206 overheating - bunny
HAve you ever had any problems with the battery cutting out?

Need some help...........

Pug 206 overheating - Civic8
What do you mean battery cutting out?.
Pug 206 overheating - bunny
Battey failing without warning.
Pug 206 overheating - Andrew-T
Motoring writers have commented about the 206 driving position for years (footwell size, pedal layout and seats) but Peugeot has done nothing to sort it. Why should it? Thousands of people keep buying them.

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