CBT - Pugugly {P}
Mrs PU passed ! Apparantly a very long and hard day. Trouble with gearchanges, but not re-coursed. Looking for a 125 now for a bit of practice !
CBT - Clanger
Congrats to Mrs PU.

I did DAS so missed out on the 125 stuff, but biking has been great this summer.

I bottled out of my 2hrs on the road on CBT day. Wind was bending the nearby poplars horizontal and dustbins and small children were getting blown about, but the worst was my poor old desk-pilot's left (clutch) hand. It was extremely painful and I was pleased to give it a rest and do the road stuff another day.

How these folk who sign up for an intensive 5 days of riding and a guaranteed test pass at the end of it cope I do not know. They must have bionic fingers.

Stranger in a strange land

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