petrol sounds like diesel - edisdead {P}
Why do our cars sound like tractors on a cold morning? It takes a good ten minutes before they start sounding happy again. Are all engines the same? There must be a lot of damage going on under the bonnet during warm up. I'm considering building a garage/carport so at least one car has a nice sheltered place to sleep - is there anything else I can do in the meantime to reduce the stress on the cars?
petrol sounds like diesel - Vagelis
Most modern cars' engines have hydraulically controlled valves, which rely on oil to function properly. When the oil is still cold, it can't get to all the tight spots involved in such a design, and the whole thing rattles.

As soon as the oil gets warmer, it gets into all tight spots and the rattle goes away.

This is also a reason modern engines require high-flow, low-viscousity (at low temps) oils: so that it can get to the tight spots quickly, and the engine can work properly.

petrol sounds like diesel - MartynG
Had an oil change recently? Maybe the wrong filtre has been used (without a non-return valve) or perhaps it has failed. Worth a try anyway.
petrol sounds like diesel - edisdead {P}
Hmmm, i was thinking along the lines of oil being responsible.
Both get 5k/6month changes. Rover has just been done, Honda due in a couple of weeks.
Both sounded terrible this morning.
petrol sounds like diesel - Mondaywoe
You could try buying a diesel! My C5 HDI sounds like a petrol in the morning!

:-) :-)

petrol sounds like diesel - DL
Nah, it will be the lightweight alloy pistons giving piston slap noises in the cylinders as they run cold.

Warm, there will be no noise.

Nothing to worry about, tbh. - Pictures say a thousand words.....
petrol sounds like diesel - edisdead {P}
Update - did oil/filter on the Honda at the weekend. Sounded a lot happier this morning. Rover still slapping away though!

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