Chugging vauxhall Carlton - elisa1
My husbands Vauxhall a complete nightmare. It has chugged before misfiring and it turned out to be a cracked valve. We had it replaced and all the other pressures checked, it was fine for a while.
Last night I was driving it and it stalled. I know female driver and all that, however it wouldn\'t restart. Kept turning almost like it had no petrol but it wouldn\'t start.
I had to call out the breakdown who said it was a HT lead, although it had new ones recently. He also lowered the tick over.
It seems ok but I\'m not convinced any ideas?
Chugging vauxhall Carlton - Dynamic Dave
This will get moved across to Technical Matters later today. DD.
Chugging vauxhall Carlton - Dynamic Dave
Or even today!! DD.
Chugging vauxhall Carlton - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Elisa,

Whats all this \"female driver\" stuff ?!! I know plenty of guys who are USELESS behind the wheel. If it stalled and didn\'t re- start it is unlikely to be yout fault.

However, too many possibilities to launch into here. You need to have the engine checked out by someone with diagnostic skills. Let us know where you are (nearest big town) and someone may be able to recommend. Otherwise trawl Y Pages under \"Car Engine Tuning\" or \"Engine Tuning\".

Regards, Adam
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Vauxhall Carlton - elisa1
Regarding my Husbands Carlton. It still has a massive problem. Difficulty in starting and even when running it will suddenly lose power and make like a chugging noise. You can sit with your foot on the accelarator and the revs will not increase and then suddenly it will \"catch\" and be perfectly OK. Any ideas?
Vauxhall Carlton - Jono_99

Really need to know vehicle age and engine size (and type?) before the help will flow in. IF it is a 2.0 litre 16V engine no idea if this was put in the Carlton), it could be an ECOTEC engine - I have one in my 1995 Cavalier.

It displays similar characteristics as yours - occasional loss of power, especially on a trailing throttle. Treatment (short term) is copious amounts of carb cleaner on the airway between the air cleaner and the throttle body. Not complicated, but a Haynes manual will give you the confidence you need to take it apart and not worry. There are also three hoses coming off the rocker cover (the bit with the spark plugs in) which get full of crud - again, not tricky to take off. I clean them a piece of kitchen paper, rolled into a large pipe cleaner shape. If they are really cruddy, they can be replaced - hope they are for your sake, as it is a cheap fix then!

Good luck

Chugging vauxhall Carlton - MartynG
My guess would be the fuel pump relay - I've had these fail on thre Carltons. Sometimes they fail completely, but occassionaly they cure themselves, but only for a short period. It's a square plug located under a panel on the nearside wing under the bonnet.
Chugging vauxhall Carlton - elisa1
Its a 1.8 litre has fuel injectors. Its 1991. Are these relays easy to replace?

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