Car Sharing - pdc {P}
Has any one here taken part in, or would consider taking part in car sharing?

I do IT contract work and at my current place of work (Tameside MBC) and last place of work (Bolton MBC) there is a car sharing scheme. Infact, all 10 of Manchesters local authorities are taking part in it.

In any case, I just signed up to it, as someone offering a lift, to do my bit to ease congestion. or

What tales do any of you have to tell?
Car Sharing - borasport20
No experience of car sharing at all, but pleased to see the web site

(It featured in an article on Ceefax last Saturday week, and on Teletext the day after, and has appeared again today. The articles specifically refered to it being an online or web based scheme, without bothering to mention the web address....)

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