Oil for my Clio - Vagelis
Hi all!

I am about to perform clio's next oil change and while trying to make my choice I thought why not ask for the excellent advice of the Back Room members?

I'm looking for something like 10w40 preferably fully synthetic, as the car is driven in heavy-traffic conditions on an every day basis.

I was kind of thinking something like BP Visco 7000, which I have tried in the past and was pleased.

Awaiting your suggestions!

Oil for my Clio - John S
Halfords easily available own brand (made by Comma/Esso) 5-40 fully synth makes a lot of sense, and comes in a full 5 litre container. Even better if they have one of their regular offers on it.

Otherwise people here seem to get Vauxhall own brand oils at excellent prices (both semi and fully synth available), or if you can get into Costco, then various offers from there on big name brands look good.
Oil for my Clio - Vagelis
Sorry, should have mentioned, I don't live in the UK, but in Greece, so such offers are off limits for me. So, I'm looking for 'big-name' brands.


Oil for my Clio - John S
Ah, yes, probably explains why I didn't recognise the BP oil!

Extensive heavy traffic and plenty of idling is considered heavy duty so, yes, a fully synth is a good idea. Semi synth would be OK, but may need changing more frequently. Stick to the big name brands, and read the label to make sure if it's a semi or fully synth and meets ACEA A3/B3 spec. and/or API SJ (or the newer SL if you can find it). If it's a diesel, ensure it meets ACEA A3/B3 (or the newer B4 if you can find it), and/or API CF. Check the handbook for recommended viscosity, bearing in mind local conditions - the low viscosities used in northern europe may not be appropriate in Greece.


John S

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