DVLA - Dave Etchells
Anybody out there had dealings with the above regarding car tax?

In June this year I taxed my wife's car at the local Post Office for twelve months. At the beginning of August, I received a letter from the local DVLA office regarding my failure to tax the vehicle or use the SORN declaration and I was therefore committing an alleged offence in relation to the SORN law.

Suffice to say a stern letter and a scanned copy of the disc that never was resulted in an apology with usual excuses apportioning blame, etc.

There is a twist though. This year is when sub 1549cc cars fall within the VED rebate scheme. I have yet to receive the necessary paperwork to obtain a rebate. I email the DVLA for an explanation and guess what? They say, "Sorry sir, you last taxed your car before November 2000, therefore you will not get a rebate". Obviously the departments don't communicate between each other.
Re: DVLA - Brian
I don't think you will get a rebate. As I understand it the policy is as the DVLA stated, rebates are only for vehicles whose tax was renewed after November.

Yes, I know that wasn't how it sounded when Mr Brown announced it, but he was trying to get re-elected, wasn't he !

And it worked, didn't it.
Rebates - John Slaughter
I was sent a form to claim a rebate a good while back as our 1.2 Corsa was transferred to the £105 VED group during the currency of the Tax Disc. Surprise surprise, no rebate has ever appeared.


Re: Rebates - Cockle

Chase the DVLA!!
I was in the same boat and received a nice cheque from them within 10 days of returning the form. Don't let them get away with it, after all you will only give it back via the petrol pump and you might as well get some mileage out of it.


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