2 Drivers, one car - Protecting 2 NCDs - Hugo {P}
How many times have you all heard of this one?

2 partners share a car, both with some or full NCD.

1 partner maintains relevent NCD, but other partner neglects NCD and when he/she needs to insure a car in the future...

WALLOP! NCD = 0 because he/she has not insured a car in years!

The people who bought my Xantia had a brilliant idea,

As they each drive the one car just as much as the other, they take turns in having the insurance in each name.

Sounds simple - unless those insurance types out there can think why they should not be doing this?


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2 Drivers, one car - Protecting 2 NCDs - Mark (RLBS)
No, you are doing exactly the right thing.

Just make sure that, if there is a substantial difference in the risk between the two of you, you always declare the appropriate one as the main driver, irrespective of who is the policy holder.
2 Drivers, one car - Protecting 2 NCDs - Bromptonaut
Secondary question; is main driver defined by days use or mileage driven?

For a while partners BX was the family car (I had a 205 on my own policy as a station hack). BX insured in her name as main driver, she had use most days, predominantly local journeys. Any long distance stuff eg holidays, family up north etc we split 80/20 so I almost certainly drove it more miles in total then she did. I am a Civil Servant, she a Teacher both with no claims or convictions so similar risk. Never a problem and the insurer was told it was a family car but, as we only thought about it later, the mileage issue was not made explicit.
2 Drivers, one car - Protecting 2 NCDs - Liverpaul
My good lady and I have been doing the same for the last few years. I have the company Focus and Heather has the Mondeo. I had four years no claims that I didn't want to lose and Heather had six years. Exactly as Hugo mentioned we take it in turns to alternate the policies.

If you do so, just make sure that your insurance company sends confirmation of the no claims you hold when the policy lapses. It's not a problem for me as I always use the same broker as I have for years to get me a deal, but Heather has to as we shop around all the freephone and others to get the best deal for her. This year the new company wanted to know the reason why she hadn;t insured for a year, but once told had no problem with it.

I think you are allowed either 18 months or two years without losing the no claims, then it's back to square one. As we now have 5 and 8 years no claims respectively it makes sense.

2 Drivers, one car - Protecting 2 NCDs - terryb
Interesting, Simon. If you're with Frizzell I don't think it would have been an issue. I insure SWMBO's car as a second car(policy in my name) but they are aware that it's registered in her name and she also has business use allowed at no extra charge. There's never been any question of who drives which car how much - they're aware we have 2 cars, his 'n' hers, on the policy and each can be driven by either of us.
2 Drivers, one car - Protecting 2 NCDs - No Do$h
I have a similar policy with Fizzell (aka Liverpool Victoria). Well worth it!

I used to work for Liv Vic on the life assurance side of things, but no more, having set up my own business. Still the best deal for my car insurance, covering my Alfa and Mrs ND's Laguna with full protected NCD based on my record and Mrs ND's history as a named driver. Full business cover was added at little cost and a modification to my car (it's been superchipped) was no cost, with a new certificate confirming the modifications to satisfy my cynical streak.

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