Oil Leak Fiat Uno - Suri
Hello - need some advise please. I seem to have driven my second hand Fiat Uno 45 999cc engine (13 years old) without oil. Now, it has sprung a bigger oil leak than the earlier one, and does not retain oil. I have put in 3 litres roughly but the bottom of the car and parts of the engine, belt are coated with oil. The dipstick does not show any oil. I was very happy with the car as it had sone only 36,000 miles with another single owner and had been serviced every year. Could you please advise what to do so as to get the car into a decent position again. I do not know how much it costs, what do to etc.

The story regarding the leak is - drove to the office under high pressure of work (despite oil light coming on for a few seconds). Drove back in the evening from office to home. Then put in 1.5 lts but the dipstick did not show oil. People said let the oil go down, check tomorrow. So I went to a neighbouring village for meetings friends and came back late. On the way back (at around 40mph to 60 mph), there was a slight smell and lot of smoke upon reaching home. Opened bonnet - saw smoke. Put some more oil into the engine. Found mayonnaise in it (seemed to have earlier too but not so white).

Could you please advise what I should do and whether it can work again? Does anyone know a good garage in Northampton?

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