Missing my MV6 .......... - robert
Hello chaps,

Especially Omega V6 owners/drivers.

Its been 8 months now since I parted company with my MV6. I used to quite enjoy posting and reading about the Omega on this site - and pottering around with the car.

However, since it went - I havn't needed to do anything car wise at all. Why not you may ask, and where have I been hiding?

Well, due to doing a significantly increased work mileage I opted to take a company car again and have a Honda Accord 2.4. The car is simply stunning, reliable with performance that (now its nicely run in) that is on a par with the Omega. Perhaps the top speed is down a bit - but who can use that anyway. I know its a new Honda, but its almost "boringly" efficient and capable in every respect with improved mpg to boot. The only down side with the Accord was the key scratch that some lowlife put down the whole of one side - certainly not the car's fault.

Everything else being equal I really do miss the noise of the big V6. On the plus side however - I don't have anything to do with Vauxhall dealers any more!

Happy 6'ing chaps ......



Missing my MV6 .......... - smokie
Hi again Robert

I still enjoy (almost) every journey in the MV6, and still go out to drive for pleasure. On the motorways, at least.

And I haven't bothered the Vx dealers for at least 40k miles... :-)

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