Service receptionists .... - welshy
I am curious as to whether there are any service advisors that work for a main car dealer,here on this great site !

I may apply for a job with that position in mind , can anyone give me any tips or comments as to what the job entails ? Is it a difficult job , or could anyone do it ?

Sorry for sounding a little silly , but I really would like to know .......Please ?
read below - welshy
Sorry to add this to my previous post , but does anyone know what sort of money these guys are earning , is it a well paid job ?
read below - Anglesey Ian

Driving home last evening and heard the business info on Radio 2 which was discussing a newly set-up web site which compares salaries across a diversity of jobs/professions. In other words, find what other companies are paying for your area of work. It was felt that this site is quite innovative in its function.

I don't know whether info is provided about your particular quest, but try

Helpful or what?

Service receptionists .... - eMBe {P}
So you didn't get the sales job at Vauxhall?
>>"Does anyone know how I can get into sales for example at a Vauxhall dealership . .">>
Service receptionists .... - Altea Ego

Its a very skilled job. There is a long training course to be completed.
It covers, but not all:
Use of phone system and how to put call on hold for ever then drop the call
Memory erasure. The promise to call when the car is ready, and completely forget.
The ability to hand over huge inflated bills without a whisper of a smile
The ability to make the word "sir" sound like an insult

There are training courses run by the major motor manufacurers for training service receptionists. Phone your major dealerships and ask about vacancies. If they have jobs they make like you and put you on a course.

Beware the job is carp (every motorists hates you) you are always handing out very bad news ( so they hate you even more)
and the money is not brilliant.
Service receptionists .... - welshy
Thanks for the reply , What would you think the wage to be , im not in the london area in fact im in south wales.
Service receptionists .... - DieselBoy
I don't know exactly, but I think you'd be doing well to get any more £11-12k. I seem to remember this figure when a friend worked as one for a while.
Service receptionists .... - Altea Ego
15k is about the mark in London/Southeast, thats what I saw for one job advert
Service receptionists .... - DieselBoy
I'm from the wilds of the North West, so that probably explains the difference.....
Service receptionists .... - peterb
I would gues that receptionists in motor dealerships get similar pay to receptionists elsewhere. Why not check your local rag to see if there are any adverts for receptionsists which quote salaries.

Don't expect high pay, though....
Service receptionists .... - Phoenicks
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