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Before I start I am ashamed to say that I know absolutely nothing about cars.

I have a 1995 vauxhall omega that has about 53000 miles on the clock.

About a week ago I noticed that there was a patch of water on the garage floor just left of centre in the engine compartment. I assumed that I had been losing water for a while as when I checked the coolant level I found that it needed to be topped up with around 2 litres of water. Since then, although the car still seems to be losing water I haven't noticed any more patches on the garage floor. Another, possibly unrelated, symptom is that over the past couple of days the car seems to shudder/judder a little when just started and whilst idling; I don't remember it doing this a week ago.

I have described the symptoms to a local Vauxhall dealership who asked me to drop the car in on Monday for them to have a look at. The chap I spoke to scared me a little by saying that the fault may be with something called the Cylinder Head Gasket which will cost several hundred pounds to fix.

I would be very grateful for any help or advice.

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Well, the Omega should have a large plastic cover underneath the engine, so any fluids on the floor may not be leaking from directly above where the patch is, as it may have run off this panel or through the inspection hole in it.

Its quite normal to have a small puddle of condensation from the aircon under the front of the car, maybe it was this? Next time smell the water o the floor, does it smell bitter-sweet like antifreeze/coolant? or just plain water?

If you are losing coolant and having to top it up there is a myriad of places it can be going. If its the head gasket, it is probably weeping into the combustion chamber and going out the exhaust as steam, (a head gasket is unlikely to mean it ends up on the floor)

Also, even a faulty coolant cap can allow steam to blow off thus making the coolant level drop.

Good luck!

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The rough running when started does indeed point to a seeping head gasket. If you are worried about the cost of main dealer repairs find a local independent workshop to do the work.

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Insist on a cambelt & tensioner kit to be fitted at the same time.....
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The water on the floor is definately coolant; it smelt of anti-freeze.

It probably does not make any difference but I forgot to mention that the car is an automatic.


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