How do I avoid the ULEZ charge when selling a car?

I'm selling my car due to the ULEZ charge. When the buyer drives away a charge will be raised; how do I avoid liability?

Asked on 12 November 2021 by Michael

Answered by Dan Powell
Create a written receipt for the sale of the car. The make, model, registration and VIN of the car should be listed. Along with the mileage and price of the car. The recept should confirm the vehicle has been sold and you've received the money for the car. A date and the signatures of both you and the buyer should be included. Make a copy and keep this for your records.

You should also change the V5C logbook details online on the day of the sale. This will transfer the registration of the vehicle to the new owner and allow you to reclaim any remaining VED Road Tax that's left. The new owner can then tax the vehicle, insure it and drive away legally.

Once the above is done, you will no longer be the registered keeper of the vehicle. Any ULEZ charges will be sent to the new keeper of the car. The receipt will also provide additional proof that you've sold the vehicle.
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