How does the ULEZ scrappage scheme work?

My daughter has an 11 year old diesel Mercedes M class that is current valued at approx £11K but is non ULEZ compliant. She lives within the boundary of the scheme.

Given that it is too good to go to the ‘crusher’, sale or part-ex are her only options so were she to part/ex it, would it also qualify under the scrappage scheme and if so how do the mechanics of it work? Does TFL issue some kind of certificate of qualification to give to a dealer etc?

Asked on 8 August 2023 by Gerry Kilsby

Answered by David Ross
The ULEZ scrappage scheme will shortly be expanded to anyone living within the ULEZ zone will be eligible to apply, although the criteria (if any) for this expanded scheme has yet to be confirmed.

You can read the current criteria here in more detail but in short you can be paid £2,000, or a cash sum plus transport passes if you scrap a non-compliant car.

Given your daughter's car is worth £11,000, scrapping the car under the scheme would represent a substantial financial loss. If you sell or part-exchange the vehicle it cannot then be scrapped by you, as you will no longer be the owner.
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