Should I trade in my car under a dealer scrappage scheme?

If I opt for a dealer's scrappage offer, what is the essential information about the process/handing over the car that I need to be aware of? Thank you in advance.

Asked on 15 April 2021 by Nuala

Answered by Andrew Brady
The original UK scrappage scheme was introduced by the Government in 2009 in a bid to boost the economy following the financial crisis. There are calls for a similar scheme to be brought back in the wake of the Covid pandemic, but this is currently looking unlikely. However, a number of car manufacturers are offering discounts under the guise of scrappage schemes. As these aren't official Government-backed schemes, they don't follow any set format. Generally, you will need to have owned it (with a V5 registration document in your name) for at least 90 days. Some car manufacturers will use a third-party company (such as CarTakeBack) to collect the car. Unlike the Government scrappage scheme, though, it won't necessarily be scrapped. The pleasing thing about scrappage schemes is that car dealers aren't generally bothered about the condition of the car you're trading in – it doesn't usually matter if it has a valid MoT test, for example.
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