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Will I still be able to take advantage of a scrappage scheme if the MoT is about to expire?

My current car (an older polluting diesel) is going to be scrapped in return for a significant discount on a new car. However in prep for the MoT in a couple of days I took my current car to Halfirds today get it ready. I thought it just needed a new headlamp but they couldn't get it to work (it's not a bulb or fuse issue so is likely to be a wiring job.) So the car will fail the MoT and it's going to cost me a lot to get it into a state whereby I can drive it to the showroom in about three weeks just to have it scrapped. It seems a totally pointless waste of money. Does anyone know what the rules are about valid MoTs and scrappage scheme cars?

Asked on 29 January 2020 by Clarabella

Answered by Dan Powell
You will need to speak with the dealer that is offering the scrappage scheme. They may be happy for you to leave the car with them and provide a loan vehicle until yours is delivered. Or may simply SORN and scrap your car now and then contact you when your new vehicle is ready. Obviously, if the latter, you will be without a car for a few weeks.
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