motorised sccoters - scotty
Drove into my street tonight to find that I had to stop as a kid on a motorised (petrol) scooter on the opposite side of the road decided to overtake some parked cars by driving into my path.

He is under 16, so has no licence, no insurance (I asked), no road tax (obviously) and no helmet (oh, and little sense).

Surely this can\'t be legal?
motorised sccoters - hillman
I have seen two children, not more than 12 years old doing the same. I'm waiting to read the inevitable accident report. Are motorised scooters classed as motorcycles ?
motorised sccoters - volvoman
Seen quite a few round here - I just wonder about the mentality of the parents who bought the damn things! Who are these idiots going to blame when the inevitable happens ?
motorised sccoters - Cliff Pope
Recent news item - man cleared of driving one over the alcohol limit, because it was held not to be a vehicle, and apparently unregisterable with DVLA. If that is really so, then there would be no rules at all about who can ride one. Just like a push bike.
motorised scooters - CMark {P}
Cliff, surely driving over the alcohol limit on a motorised scooter is similar to riding a bicycle while unfit through drink?

A couple of years ago a man pleaded guilty to drunk in charge of a motorised scooter. He was fined £250 for that and a similar mount for having no insurance plus costs.

Foot powered scooters are a different story...
motorised sccoters - Garethj
I think they're a grey area, no numberplate so not road-registered etc, but because they're powered they aren't allowed on the pavement either. Strictly speaking they should only be ridden on private land.

I don't think they're much different to pedal cycles to be honest, they can also be ridden with the same lack of training or insurance and despite needing more effort, I'm sure pedal cycles are faster!

If you are involved in an accident, I think that most household insurance policies cover accidents while on cycles etc?

motorised sccoters - Dwight Van Driver
This is an area in which the legislators have not caught up with pure law and what is about results from case law DPP V Saddington
2001 which classed these things as Go=peds and as such a vehicle under RT Acts. Their Lordships, on appeal by CC North Yorks held that to use required a Driving licence for moped and Insurance.

However all is not clear as there is an opinion :

(1) They are not motor vehicles intended for use on a road, and

(2) that it is not possible to register these things so one cannot obtain an Excise Licence which put the question of MOT in doubt. My view is contrary as decision has been made by their Lordships that a DL and Insurance is required and they are mechanically propelled vehicles

(3) Being "unclassified" they cannot be said to fall within the scope of relevant legislation re Crash helmets.

(4) Con and Use requirements - shrug of the shoulders.

It looks as if the doubts in these areas will remain until HMG classify these things under RTA.

I gather there are few for sale on E Bay.



motorised sccoters - scotty
My thanks to DVD for the details.

... so it's a bit cloudy, then.
motorised sccoters - mlj
No doubt in my mind these should be banned. As a teacher I have experience of one of my pupils being killed on one of these things. No collision or third party involvement. What a senseless waste.

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