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Does anyone know how to adjust the handbrake on a R-reg Ford Escort LX Finesse. I have failed to find the Aduster on the cable is there one? Or do you have to adjust it from the Rear Drum ?

Any Help would be greatly Appreciated

Ford Escort LX Finesse - james_60

The most useful information i can give that people will agree upon is go to your local halfords or bookstore and purchase a haynes repair manual it will pay for itself in a few times


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Ford Escort LX Finesse - Richteo
The adjustment nut is below the gaitor of the actual handbrake lever. Before adjusting press the brake pedal hard a few times to ensure the self-adjust mechanism is fully adjusted, (with handbrake OFF) According to Haynes the handbrake should be fully on between 3 and 6 clicks of the handbrake. Turn the nut so operation is in this range. This is pretty much taken from Haynes which is well worth buying, although I find that it over-simplifies many procedures.



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