Windscreen Wash Not Working - Pug 406 - Denis
I have refilled the windscreen Wash reservoir of my Peugeot 406 and seem to have a problem with the mechanism.

On testing the \'wash and wipe \' system no fluid came through - I then found that somehow it had drained onto the ground and there were signs of the fluid splashing in the area of the reservoir - although the cap was tight.

The system has worked fine except the last time I tried to use it it was dry and I assumed it had just run out of fluid.

I\'ll be glad to hear suggestions as to what may have happened please.

Thanks -

Windscreen Wash Not Working - Pug 406 - Big_CDA
I recently had a similar problem, and found that the hose had simply slipped off the connector where it attaches to the bonnet - sounds like yours may be different as nearer the reservoir though.

Suggest getting someone to squirt whilst you watch with the bonnet up - once located, mine took 5 seconds to fix!

Good luck...
Windscreen Wash Not Working - Pug 406 - Andrew-T
Does the pump still whirr as it should? and are all the hoses still connected?
Windscreen Wash Not Working - Pug 406 - Denis
Many thanks Big_CDA - and Andrew - T for the prompt reply.

With my wife acting as observer she was able to see where the problem lay - a connection in the feed at the back of the engine compartment and just under the windscreen had become loose.

Problem solved - thanks again -


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