Warped engine block. MR2. - Danny_kent
My brother was doing the head gasket on my car for me and has just informed me the BOTTOM part is warped and needs skimming, its for a 1987 MR2 1.6, has anyone idea of the cost of skimming the bottom part of the engine? ANY feedback or tips about this would be appreciated
Warped engine block. MR2. - Hugo {P}
My first question would be; How much is it warped by, ie what is the out of parallel measurement or what is the difference in mm between the highest and lowest measurements?

To get this checked properly and engineering workshop would use a dial indicator (measuring in microns - 1/1000 mm) to take measurements in a number of places, however, you can get a very rough idea by placing the edge of a steel rule across the machined face at certain points and using another as a very crude 'depth gauge'.

My next question would be; What can gasket products on the market cope with in terms of out of parallel measurements?

Only then decide if it's a problem or not.


Warped engine block. MR2. - Danny_kent
Well its a nasty lookin one, its quite deep, u can really see it without having to feel. In my opinion it will need a skim, its not a pretty sight but i'll get it checked. I can get an engine for it for 260...whats labour like fitting one? Looks quite simple with the gearbox down the side, should be straight forward...any ideas?

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