Calibra - Engine Control Indicator Q? - stubby
We\'ve recently bought a 95 Calibra 16V but the Engine Control Indicator keeps staying on. we are aware having had one before that it gets stuck on when it rains but its been dry here.

what could cause it to stay on and has anyone any ideas as to the cost to fix it?

Calibra - Engine Control Indicator Q? - Jono_99

Have a Cavalier of same age. I presume you mean the engine management light on the dashboard - apologise if you mean something else. Assuming you do, it may be that you have a problem logged?!

If you are not aware, there are sites (\'cavweb\' - plug in \'cavalier fault codes\' into Google) which will tell you how to diagnose faults logged in the Engine Management System. Have tried, and it all works as the web-site says.

In passing, the light on mine came on when the engine appeared to be fine. Turned out to be the lamda probe (on the exhaust system), which I swapped with one from a breaker\'s yard, and the light went out straight away.

Calibra - Engine Control Indicator Q? - stubby
thanks for the info - i don't think its much anyway but we'll get it checked out as due baby in next 4 weeks so have to make sure it all works.

Calibra - Engine Control Indicator Q? - Dynamic Dave
As mentioned previously, ECU codes can be checked by using a paperclip and the instructions from this website:-


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