Which tyres for my Omega? - KM
Although my Omega does its utmost to stay off the road by developing a new fault every week (sometimes it seems like every day), it occasionally goes out and now due to a rear puncture I need a new tyre. Seeing as the other rear is getting near the limit, I will get 2 new ones. Typical of the car though, the puncture was not due to a nail or similar; the sidewall burst, leaving a 5 inch gash. Even a puncture on this model cant be straightforward.

My local tyre man can get the following to suit my 2.5 petrol CD:
(205/60's V rated or should they be 65's?)
Goodyear Nct 5 @ £60,
Continental eco contact @ £60
Firestone F700 @ £55
Mich MXV3 @ £67
Bridgestone ER30 @ £60
Vat is extra, but fitting, balancing etc included.

I could say I am not too bothered about handling as it never works well enough to be driven properly, but seeing as I drive a lot on winding country lanes, thoughts on cornering abilities would be welcome.

Any thoughts on which is the quietest tyre?

Tyre life could be a factor, but I might not keep it much longer if I fail to fix the various oil leaks, misfires and faults.

All comments/experiences appreciated, especially before Sun eve.
Which tyres for my Omega? - NitroBurner
Used to have a 3litre Carlton. Worked best on Michelin Pilots. Second choice would be the eco contacts - possibly the best bet regarding noise & wear. And if it's an early Omega then it'll probably be on 65 profiles. Sorry to hear about the unreliability, usually pretty good are big Vauxhalls...
Which tyres for my Omega? - scotty
For the past few months and circa 5K miles I've been running my 2.5 CDX on Goodyear Eagle F1 225/55 tyres. Cost me £360 for four all-in (including fitting, balancing, valves and wheel alignment). Not the same size as yours, I know.

These handle fine for me, apart from what seems to be a sensitivety to road camber, but that mught be due to something other than the tyres. Not too sure about road noise, though - certainly don't seem quiet.

Sorry to hear about your reliability problems. I've had mine nearly a year now and covered 16K miles. Apart from initial climate control problems (fixed under dealers' warranty) and a couple of other bits of damage caused by the ham fisted SoBs who did the climate control repairs and dash bulb replacements at the time of purchase, the only other problem has been a perished hose (about £3 from local Vx dealer and self-fit). Perhaps I've got a load of problems just around the corner, but touchwood!

Good luck
Which tyres for my Omega? - Sooty Tailpipes
Hello Scotty, where do you get the F1s from?
I have had P6000s on the front and F1s on the back when I bought the car, when the P6000s got a second puncture, I just replaced them with F1s, and put the new ones on the back and the older F1s on the front.

Since then, I have had sensitivity to camber, or worn road tracks. But I also had new shocks and bits at the same time, so wondered if they were the casue, a four wheel alignment place said the worst thing I could have done was put RWD rear tyres on the front and explained how they had worn in a certain way that was now affecting tramlining.

Well, these fronts need changing now as they are pretty blunt, but the best price I found get was £118 each, but locally £125 each! (new GS-D3 pattern though)

I have always found the F1s to give phenominal grip, it never ceases to amze me, so I could put up with the tramlining, or ask the 4-wheel alignment place if they can do an adjustment out of spec to counteract it, as the tyres wear on the outside too.
Which tyres for my Omega? - scotty
I got the boots from Gates Tyres, Lilyhall near Workington, West Cumbria. Is that any use to you?
Which tyres for my Omega? - KM
I have just discovered that my 2 front tyres are 60 aspect, but the rears are 65's!!!

The car is Dec '96 2.5 CD petrol, saloon, manual box.

Anyone know the correct size for it?

Which tyres for my Omega? - Sooty Tailpipes
15" ones are 205 65 15 according to Haynes manual.
Which tyres for my Omega? - KM
Thanks joosisiqu, have just checked the handbook and it too says 65's. Looks I need 4 tyres now!

Value my car