notchy gearbox - ka razy
Sorry to bore those who months ago replied to this thread,however got a new Suzuki jimny which after 2000 miles still has a gear change like a tractor,had it back to the dealer who claim its driving fine....Is it safe to try mobil 1 synthetic gear oil in this? They have never suggested it,and dont plan to tell them...I'm aware of the warranty situation.I'm no expert though know enough to realise it has a gearbox which connects to a transfer box,so surely the change should be smooth.I must admit it has got a bit easier over the last two weeks,should I give it more time?Your comments please.

thanks in advance.
notchy gearbox - Dizzy {P}
I was advised by an acknowledged Triumph 2000/2500 expert that synthetic oil may harm the bronze bushes in my Laycock overdrive, however that was after I had put the stuff in. It has now been there for over 5 years without any noticeable harm and the gearchange is very smooth. The gearbox and overdrive share the same oil, which I expect is the case with your transfer box, so you perhaps ought to find out for sure if everything in the box is compatible with synthetic oil. I can pick up another overdrive for about £50 but I bet a transfer box for the Suzuki would be very expensive.

Also, you must make sure that you use a like-for-like synthetic oil. For example, if your box uses ATF or EP oil replacing it with synthetic engine oil would be disastrous.

notchy gearbox - ka razy
Thanks for your advise,yes I am aware that it will have to be gear oil,which mobil do.The car actually has a seperate transfer box from the gearbox,been reading up on synthetic oil and think its worth a try.

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