Car Damaged During Servicing - pdc {P}
Just had a call from the VW dealership I left my car with for a servicing this morning to say that the service is fine, but they pranged the wing and bumper.

They have offered courtesy car over weekend, but I am off on holiday on Monday and a neighbour was going to drive my car back to my house for me. She wont be able to do that in their courtesy car.

They have therefore offered to pick it up from my drive and have it back there when I return.

Am I justified in asking them to re-activate the passenger airbag (baby old enough now) as compensation, given that they have no issues about making good the damage done?
Car Damaged During Servicing - Phoenicks
I dont think that would be too much to ask at all. In fact i would ask for that, the next service free and a full valet.
Car Damaged During Servicing - Altea Ego
I dont think that would be too much to ask at
all. In fact i would ask for that, the next service
free and a full valet.

yup thats spot on. Thats just about the right level I would aim for. Wont cost the dealer an arm and leg, and would make customer happy in such unfortunate accidents.
Car Damaged During Servicing - cabsmanuk
As a good will gesture, yes.

Keep upright

Car Damaged During Servicing - Aprilia
Am I justified in asking them to re-activate the passenger airbag
(baby old enough now) as compensation, given that they have no
issues about making good the damage done?

Good grief, I shouldn't think there ought to be any 'issues' either.
While they're doing the wing and bumper get them to go around the car and touch-up any other chips etc. Then ask for a full interior/exterior valet and a free service next time too.
Airbag activation is a minor issue from their point of view (few minutes work).

It was probably done by an apprentice having a race in it.

I remember many moons ago at an Austin-Rover dealer two of the fitters went off to each test an SD1, one in hot pursuit of the other. The leader braked a bit sharply just before a road hump and there was a collision (and a couple of very unhappy owners).
Car Damaged During Servicing - pdc {P}
The airbag deactivation should have cost £70 as it required a kit from VW, as the 02 passat airbag cant be deactivated by key. suppose it will be a few mins work this time around.

they normally valet it as part of the service.

will be happy with just the airbag reactivating.
Car Damaged During Servicing - henryb
VW pranged my car during a service too, about a year ago. They made good though.

More seriously, how about this: 6 months ago, VW replaced the dipstick guide on my car. 2 weeks ago they gave it a 70k service and topped up the oil to the top mark on the dipstick. When we were off on holiday after that, the oil pressure warning light came on and we had to have the car towed (AA) to another nearby VW dealership.

It turned out what had happened was that when they replaced the dipstick guide, they left a bit of the original dipstick guide jammed onto the dipstick, which prevented the dipstick reaching far enough down into the engine. Thus, when they topped up with oil the level looked OK but was actually about 2cm above the top mark.

VW phoned me yesterday, deeply apologetic and are going to pay for the hire car we had to get for holiday, the other VW dealership bills + £100 compensation for my wasted time. They also said that its unlikely that anything (e.g. the cat) has been damaged by having the car overfilled with oil for 6 months, but if it turns out it has been, then they'll pay.

- H
Car Damaged During Servicing - Hugo {P}
Very often, when someone messes up, it's the way that they approach the situation after it has happened that sets them apart - one way or the other.

My local Citroen Dealership annoyed me a few weeks ago.

A car I aquired had been repaired by them before I had owned it. The replaced the broken front plate with one bearing the wrong registration number. I was the first to notice it and managed to persuade the parts chap to replace it FOC if I took in the old one with the dealer's name on the bottom.

I went in and the chap had already made the new one ready for me to pick up. He saw the old one and handed me the new one without fuss.

A few minutes later, the Parts Manager asked where I got the car. I explained that I did not see the error as a problem as it had been rectified. He said that he did see a problem as I had been allowed to walk out with a number plate without having paid for it! He spent 15 mins of his own time and that of two other people trying to find out when and where the number plate had been made for the vehicle etc etc..... - I mean he really should get a life. It was obviously their mistake as they would have had to see documntation for making it!

Car Damaged During Servicing - bugged {P}

you seem very easy going, i would be jumping up and down all over the place if they have pranged my car, last service i had i asked them to switch the wheels about for me, they did with no question but when i went to collect it there was a big scratch on one of the alloys, i told the service manager and after a small amount of arguing in which he realised it was a bad idea to call me a liar the deal was done and a new alloy was ordered,

I didnt want my alloy repaired etc becasue it wasn't like it when i took it in the garage, a week or so later and the new wheel arrived and was fitted. happy me.

On a different note, i think it is utterly disgraceful you have to pay (and £70 at that!) to get your airbag sorted out, it should be done for free in the first place, SEAT and many other car people have managed to deisgn the airbag with a key to turn it off. to make you pay to get a 5 min job done in order to make your family safe is a joke it takes advantage of people i think and in my eyes a design fault by VW. Demand a bit more than just getting that done or they'll walk all over you next time, show them you mean business and get a fair result AND make sure the repairs to your car are done properly, resprayed correctly and all that, i know im beginning to rant but it makes me cross that they've made the mistake and bashed your car and your asking us if you think its reasonable to ask them to tuen your airbag off!!! Id think it was reasonable for you to ask them to get the red carpet out and peel you grapes!!!

good luck!

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