Second-hand (adapted) cars - Paul R

Does anyone know wehre it is possible to buy cars second-hand which have been adapted in some way for disabled drivers? My daughter has just passed her test and is looking at trying to save some money by getting a car which has already had some or all of the adaptations done (steering knob, left-foot accelarator, remote controls for indicator, wipers, lights etc.
Cars supplied under motability (for which she does not qualify) which have been exchanged would seem to be the best bet, but we don't know where to start looking. We have seen one link from the DDA site but that is mainly for private sales. Any help welcomed.
Second-hand (adapted) cars - DavidHM
Motability cars are leased and go back to Motability and through them, usually through the franchise dealer network. They are usually then retailed on the forecourt with the adaptations removed; I presume the adaptations are, as far as possible, then reused on the driver's new car.

That would probably also apply to users of privately owned cars as well. Unless the adaptations are manufacturer specific, there is no incentive for them to buy new ones as long as the old ones are manufacturer or vehicle specific.

If she needs the adaptations, may I ask why she does not qualify and if there is some possibility of an appeal?

Your best bet may be to speak to a franchise dealer who advertises Motability and see if any of his customers are returning cars with adaptations still attached, particularly if the previous driver has died during the term of the lease. Again, both the car and the adaptations may be the property of Motability so some negotiation may be required and even then it may not be possible.

Even if you are successful, you may find that these cars may come at a premium that is greater than the cost saving on the modifications. Most Motability cars are low mileage, but run on a budget and not always well maintained. Larger cars (repmobiles and people carriers mainly) tend to go over the maximum mileage allowed and therefore there is a serious risk of them being clocked by the disabled driver to avoid mileage penalties.

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