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broken camshaft Scenic - Degsy
Renault Megane Scenic, 52,000 miles, cambelt replaced at 40k, the car lost revs whilst my wife was moving slowly in 2nd gear, car and wife came home C/O RAC with diagnosis "broken cambelt or toothless cambelt". On inspection i could see cambelt was OK so handed car over to a more capable mechanic and he tells me that the CAMSHAFT has broken, head, pistons and valves also damaged.
Car has been regularly serviced, oil content never below halfway between markers (uses very little oil).Can anyone suggest why this should occur, apart from a manufacturing fault
broken camshaft Scenic - M.M

It isn't unknown for the shock of a snapping/slipping timing belt, and the associated mayhem, to cause the camshaft itself to break.

I would be looking at the timing belt extra carefully to see the chicken/egg here.


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