Is the Volkswagen TSI water pump on separate belt ?

My 2018 VW Caddy 1-litre TSI is due for a 5 year cambelt change. I enquired at my main dealer, who said that VW have now changed the intervals to 60000, with the 5 year change being unnecessary, but it can be done at the owners request.

They also told me that the water pump on my engine is on a separate belt, so does not need changing at the same time. l am confused, as I have been informed previously by VW and other sources, that the pump should be changed at the same time, as it is driven by the same cam belt.

Please can you confirm this information for me, as I still want the belt changed, and also an idea how much this might cost?

Asked on 4 August 2023 by Shaun Walton

Answered by David Ross
If your Caddy is fitted with an EA211 engine then it is correct to say that the water pump is driven off a separate belt at the opposite side of the engine to the cambelt, so it is not necessary to replace the water pump at the same time. There is no specific guidance on water pump replacement intervals, but you may wish to consider having the pump and auxiliary belt replaced at the same time for peace of mind.

The cost will vary depending on whether you use a Volkswagen dealer or independent garage, but we would expect an independent to charge around £600.
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