Overheating A6 - SteveX
Would really appreciate some help for my 1999 Audi A6 1.8T:
I had the car serviced by a main dealer recently, three days later a strange noise developed & I took it back to the dealer who diagnosed the noise comming from a bearing on the shaft of the water pump. The noise seems to be coming from one of the belts and can be heard when revving the engine over 1k revs (like a drill type noise, but not obvious at idle). I took it to a local independent for a second opinion who says it is not the waterpump or any belt driven item, but needs to have it back to check other things.
A further development after all this is that the temp gauge, which had previously never moved from 90 degrees C once warm, now starts to rise when the car is warm and driven at over 40mph (getting to over 110 degrees C). However when the car is stopped and idling the needle moves back to 90 and will stay at 90 until the car gets to over 40mph again. This cycle will continue, but the needle always moves back to 90 when the car is brought to a stand still.
There are no signs of any coolant loss, and the belts all seem fine.

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