Classic Car Insurance - Dan J
Was going to get a couple of quotes but there appears to be a whole multitude of brokers out there - can anyone recommend any of them? Am looking to insure a late 60's/early 70's car on (most likely) a 9k per annum policy if it makes any difference.

Many thanks in advance - Dan
Classic Car Insurance - spikeyhead {p}
I've had useful service from Adrian Flux when insuring the unusal before. You might need to limit the mileage to 5k in order to get a limited milage discount.
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Classic Car Insurance - teabelly
I'm with Aon and pay about £120 pa for unlimited miles class 1 for a 68 triumph vitesse. This unlimited mileage is only available for cars over 30 years of age. I'd also check out owners clubs for the particular make of car you are going to be insuring as they usually have good club deals too.
Classic Car Insurance - Dynamic Dave
You could try Footman James.
Classic Car Insurance - nick
Get lots of quotes, they really vary a lot. I use Footman James, Morris Minor, £77 fully comp, agreed value, unlimited mileage. I think it needs to be over a certain age for the unlimited mileage.
When I recently bought a P6 Rover, FJ added it to my Morris policy, same terms and conditions, for an amazing £15 per year. Cheap motoring indeed!
Classic Car Insurance - martint123
I found that to get a 'real' classic policy, there had to be a normally insured car available for normal use.

Classic policies don't seem to need, or earn, NCD - and as Nick says usually can have multiple classics added for a minimal fee. (although when I enquired, there was a mileage limit).

Classic Car Insurance - nick
That's right Martin, classic insurers usually ask if you have the use of another car.


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