Personalised Registrations - AndyS
Apologies if this has been dealt with before, but looking on the DVLA site and seeing that all the best numbers in the new Registrations - 51NGH (Singh); 51dhu(Sidhu); 51lly(Silly) are reserved for auction, and set to make the Government millions, isn't it a bit two-faced for the same Agency to say that drivers can be prosecuted for any deviation in font, spacing etc?
That aside, has anyone any experience of how keen or otherwise the Police are to enforce this law. My experience is that I have never seen a personalised plate I have been unable to immediately translate to its "proper number".
Re: Personalised Registrations - Dan
Well if you believe the \'motorists are cash cows on wheels for the police authorities and local councils\' conspiracy theory, (I think l do in some instances) this enforcement is so a modern speed camera can character-recognise your plate and have a speeding ticket in the post before you can say pink fluffy dice

Re: Personalised Registrations - Marc
Dan, I think the system you are referring to is ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition System)

What I find extremely cynical and greedy about the DVLA is when they advertise these "prestige" auctions of "really special" or pre-release number combinations (no doubt at great expense in the broadsheets)

Although personal regs are a vanity thing it's still just another another example of "milking the motorist" as you put it
Re: Personalised Registrations - Andy Bairsto
I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in a country run by ever so politically correct mafia,glad I absconded.
Being serious for a moment no other country in the world profits out of car plates like the uk ,private plates in Germany cost a one off 25ukp and as long as you do not move areas they are yours forever no matter how many times you change your car.I have DD SW 47 ,dd is my city dresden sw my wifes initials and 47 the year I was born, I am that old I need a reminder.
Contributors ages. - David Woollard
Blimey Andy I had you down as a whacky 30yr old. Got to be careful on forum judgements then.

Re: Personalised Registrations - David Woollard
Here's one for you.

Local farmer had an old tractor that had initials that were personal to him, but not quite his exact initials. Anyway it sort of amused him. He knew it is impossible to take a reg no from a tractor so no hope of getting it onto his car or selling it.

Usually taxed this tractor every year but lapsed for 12 months with a SORN notice (I think). Went to put it back on the road recently and was told "we've changed the reg on your tractor because you lapsed it for a year".

Yes they'd pinched his good no. and allocated something normal. What a cheek.

Registration 'theft' - John Slaughter

If this is true it is really going to upset the classic car fraternity! I guess he didn't declare SORN, and therefore got penalised. Any chance you can check, as if this happened when SORN was declared I'm sure the classic car clubs would have someihing to say.


Re: Contributors ages. - Andrew Hamilton
What if the wife is the owner would she have her age for all to see!
Re: Contributors ages. - Brian
I never have been able to fathom out the reason for the restriction on transfers between certain classes of vehicles.
After all, a number is a number, is a number, Aint it !
Re: Contributors ages. - Chris
What makes me laugh is those companies that offer "unique" registration numbers. Er, yes, I should hope so too.

Re: Registration 'theft' - Colin M
And the DVLA have the cheek to suggest their numbers are DE51RED!


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