immobiliser? - Rover 214 - John MLA
I have a 214 cabrio 1997. I takes around 10 tries before it starts and then conks out. It also conks out whilst driving. My garage said that probably the immobiliser is defective and need changing. he also said that these cars all suffer of this defect. This costs around 600 pounds. Could it be possible that something else is the problem??? The car only has 11500 miles on the clock!
immobiliser? - Rover 214 - John S

Could be wrong, but it doesn't sound like an immobiliser problem. If the immobiliser hasn't permitted a start the car won't be difficult to start - it won't start at all. Also, I believe, for safety, these things won't reset once the car is running, so it shouldn't stop the car. As a guess I'd say it sounds more like a fuel pump relay problem, but I'm sure a Rover expert will be along soon.


John S
immobiliser? - Rover 214 - John MLA
Thanks John S,

My common sense would say so as well. I have an appointment at the Rover dealer on Thursday and at least I have a bit of background now. You know, if you nothing, thgey'll make you swallow everything including your wallet. That's how it is with everything at our end, in Malta.


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