Can I buy a hybrid even if I don't use it during the winter?

I am looking at a Toyota Yaris, the car will not be used in the winter months and garaged.

Will this affect the life of the lithium batteries if not used for four months each year?

Asked on 31 July 2023 by Ray Mason

Answered by David Ross
Not using the vehicle for several months during the winter will not do any harm, in fact it should actually prolong the life of the batteries. Like the batteries in smartphones and laptops, drive battery lifespan is largely dictated by the number of cycles it has to perform, so if it is not used for four months this is four months of not charging and discharging it has to do.

Keeping it garaged also means it won't experience low temperatures over the winter months, which is good for battery health too. You may wish to consider a trickle charger if you do not have one already to prevent the 12V battery from going flat. We recommend the CTEK MXS, and you can read our review of it here:
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