Peugeot 306 - flashing STOP - Andrew-T
I had a \'diagnostic flash\' on my 306 recently. After a gentle front-end shunt on a roundabout which did little more than crack the no-plate, the STOP light on the dash flashed if the air-con was running. The air-con seemed to work OK, but after proper investigation I found that the bump had bent one of the radiator fans, causing it to jam. I presume that triggered the STOP lamp. Anyone know if this is a deliberate function? [fan now sorted, also the lamp]
Peugeot 306 - flashing STOP - Altea Ego
Its perfectly feasible that it could be working as designed. Most motors are available with a tacho pulse signal, and it could be used to warn of out of spec speed range. They could also measure the current drain (stalled or slowed motor would draw more current)


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