Lister XJS? - Jonathan {p}
Hi all

I went to my local shop last night and saw what looked like a jag xjs outside. I thought that it had a nice bodykit on and lights. I get a bit closer and it somehow looks a bit different, but not too much. Closer still and it has Lister on the side and boot. I always liked the xjs, but this one was magnificent.

Does anyone know anything about these beautiful cars?

I found a picture of one here

Lister XJS? - Phoenicks
Dont know huge amounts but know most were converted to 6.0 and 7.0 V12 Engines registering about 500bhp +. Spot them with twin headlights, bodykits and L I S T E R written up the side on the sills.....

Can actually pick them up for not a lot - about £10-12.5k.
Lister XJS? - Ross_D
There was a report on the XJS in the August 2003 edition of Practica Classics.
Called the Lister LeMan, it had 6 litre V12, 0-60 in 4 secs. Power was 'over 500bhp'.
Lister XJS? - Cyd
Once had the use of a pre-HE XJS for a few months. Magnificent performance. Would love to get a go in a Lister.
Lister XJS? - GS
I was a passenger in a 7.0 litre Lister Le Mans driven around the Castle Coombe circuit by the then Lister MD Lawerence ? I can vouch for the over 500 bhp as I recall bing pushed backed into my seat at the fourth to fifth gear change at an indicated 160 mph in the wet. The driver then apologised for an inadequate demonstration of the the cars acceleration! I also remember the interior quietness of the Le Mans which was the same as a standard XJS.
Lister XJS? - JohnM{P}
I saw one many years ago parked - it had cream leather interior, and in the back was a Britax type baby seat, also trimmed in matching cream leather...


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