Clutch question - volvoman
Gonna need a new clutch on my 1991 940 se turbo in the not too distant future methinks. The pedal travel is high and there is a noticeable squeal when pulling away (clutch release bearing ??? - I'm really only guessing 'cos I know nowt about motors!).

My local Volvo dealer will no doubt be happy to 'rob' me of ££££'s to do this job but I'd rather not line their pockets if I don't have to so how do I go about this ? My local indy guy won't be able to do it I'm sure, but will probably just farm it out somewhere. Does anyone know of a reliable and trustworthy outfit who might be able to assist - preferably not too far from Orpington (SE London /N. Kent) ?

I know there are loads of so called drive in clutch centres/clinics but are any of them any good ?

Any advice very gratefully received. Thanks as always guys!
Clutch question - DavidHM
V - can't really help you but it's a 12 year old car and probably not worth £2k.

If Mr Clutch or similar will do the job cheaply using budget parts, it will probably still outlast the rest of the car.

I don't know why you think an independent won't be able to change the clutch on this car, unless Volvos are especially difficult to work on in this area? Most independents are far more highly skilled and attuned to specialist work than a drive in centre anyway.
Clutch question - volvoman
YOURS at £2k then David my bank details are ....... ;-)

Seriously though, don't know what it's worth (done 138k but in very good nick) but it seems very forgiving of my perpetual neglect so I'm loath to get shot of it unnecessarily IYKWIM. I'd only assumed the response of my local guy so will ask him just in case. I'm lucky - only do about 3.5k a year and at times that suit me mostly so don't have to ride the clutch too much. I'm sure it's on the way out but I'm really only trying to find out what to do when the worst does happen.
Clutch question - Greenparrot
Hi Volvoman
Not doubting your diagnosis but is it possible one of the belts is slipping when puling away - might be worth checking tension before diving into a new clutch.
Worst case scenario then - you need a new clutch - not a long or complicated job on the 940, perhaps 2.5 to 3.5 hours labour (Quoted), plus clutch,bearing seal etc. I wouldn't bother with a Volvo main dealer as it really is a straight forward job for someone with a ramp. If you've got a local reliable independant ask them to access the car for half an hour to see if there is anything else that may need attention and then make your mind up.
Clutch question - Hugo {P}
Hi Volvoman

Last time I had a clutch wear on a car, I decided to put it off for as long as possible. I got it changed when it got embarresing to drive, often revving and slipping when accelerating. The car was 13 years old (Pug 309 SRi)

Adjustment etc was out of the question, so I eventually got a mate of mine to do it. It took a week for him to finish the job, not a problem as I had another car, In all it cost less than £100 including labour. I was really chuffed with it, until...

3 months later car was written off!

If I were you I would get the squeal properly diagnosed and simply run the car whilst the clutch does its job.

If, as I suspect with your mileage, you get another 2 to 3 years out of it, think about trading it in for a newer model.

Clutch question - volvoman
Hi Hugo & thanks Greenparrot. My 'diagnosis' is no more than guessology so feel free to doubt away. I'd thought about belts squealing but given my sister in law's (previous owner) notoriety for riding the clutch I felt this was more likely. Also the clutch seems to 'bite' only towards the upward limit of the pedal's travel and I'd heard this was a sign of wear. AFAIK the clutch hasn't been changed since the car was new (my brother bought it from a Sales Director in 1995'ish. He never had it done and I bought the car from him in 1997. So at 138k is it likely for the clutch to be on its last legs as it were ?

Thanks for all the advice folks - really wish I could offer some in return.

BTW - Hope all's ok in the property development world Hugo ;-)
Clutch question - Cliff Pope
If the clutch really is worn out at 138k then it has seen some pretty heavy abuse! You should get 200-300K easilly from a big Volvo clutch.
I assume its the hydraulic system, not cable? Check that the cylinders aren't leaking, and that the rod from the slave cylinder to the clutch operating lever isn't worn. Even if it is the clutch itself, replacement is straightforward for any competent garage. You can get kits from Europarts or Swedish/german - I think that's what they are called. Get the fork/bearing kit too, not just the cover and plate.
Clutch question - volvoman
That's very reassuring Cliff thanks. S-I-L did ride the clucth notoriously but nearly all of the car's 1st 3 years on the road was motorway @ about 30k pa IIRC. She had it for 3 years and did about 20k in total. I've had it since 1997 and only done 26k. I'll get the garage to have a look when I get the car serviced next. This is due anyway so it's no extra hassle. Cheers again.
Clutch question - Greenparrot
Hi again vman

Please don't take this as 'Bunny boiler territory' but a fellow HJ in trouble & all that...
I asked if anyone could recommend a local indy for a repair to your car & this guys name came up - AST Motor Services (0800 026 4865). According to his advert he is 'Highly Recommended by the Good Garage Guide' -albeit on enquiry the 1998 Sage Publishing edition-and is situated at 151 Southlands Rd, Bromley.
He quoted £115 labour (3 hours) and £150 parts (inclusive), which would realistically grow to £300.
At least you've got a ballpark figure now but I have to stress I've no experience with this guy and therefore cannot personally recommend him.
One interesting point he made was that he would only use genuine Volvo as some non O.E. he'd used generally gave rise to judder.

Clutch question - steve_rt

i live in the same area as you, ive known eltham test centre to be quite a good garage, but im afraid thats as local as i can go becuase since moving to this area from sidcup way ive not used any garages. always had good service from them in the past.
Clutch question - volvoman
Thanks very much Greenparrot & Steve !

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