Ford Focus Idle Problem?? - Rdw
I have a \'99 1.6 Focus with and idle speed / stalling problem.
The dealer has replaced the coil pack and the idle speed control valve, both to no avail. The problem arose when the ECU was reprogammed to remove an intermittent lack of power problem, it has left it with the stalling fault. I can make it stall by changing down a gear, and raising the revs to around 1200 RPM via slipping the clutch, then, when the clutch is depressed fully the engine stalls or drops to 200 RPM and then \'saves\' itself. This may sound an odd thing to do, but it does make it regularly stall for test purposes, and this condition is occasionally encountered on the road ie. stop/start town driving. I would appreciate any help, as i feel the dealer is guessing? Will it help by disconnecting the battery to make the ECU re learn its sensors? If so, what do i need to do to put the ECU in \'learn\' mode? How long does the battery need disconnecting? How should i drive it afterwards?
Thanks for the anticipated help.
Ford Focus Idle Problem?? - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
You may feel the dealer is guessing, and you may not be wrong (!), but if this problem only occured after they reprogrammed the ECU you really have to take it back and have them go through it again.

Disconnecting the battrey for 5 minutes will reset certain base parramters, and you may then have to drive 20-30 miles to re-educate the ECU, but if an error has occured in the reprogramming the problem may still be there.

Most common problem with these is the Throttle Position Sensor and the Vehicle Speed Sensor. Ask if they have checked these.

Regards, Adam
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Ford Focus Idle Problem?? - AlanGowdy
Hi - I have a 1.8 Focus which had long irritated with its tendency for the engine to surge on upward gearchanges and idle at 2000 rpm in trickling traffic. Then it developed a tendency to cut out altogether at embarrassing moments, like when pulling onto roundabouts.

I was advised to have the speed sensor in the gearbox seen to - it's a well-known problem area. Ford dealer changed the errant sensor and the problem has disappeared.

Incidentally, Ford paid the bill as a goodwill gesture which just might have won them a repeat sale in a couple of years.

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