What is the battery life for cars with a stop/start function?

I have a SEAT Leon, the engine stops at traffic lights etc and restarts automatically when you are free to go. Recently the car does not restart and a message says restart manually.

Is this a sign that the battery is starting to fail? What is the expected battery life?

Asked on 19 July 2023 by Colin Evans

Answered by David Ross
Just like conventional batteries, stop start batteries will eventually degrade and require replacement. Depending on how frequently the system is activated, stop start batteries can wear out more quickly than standard batteries, but we would expect one to last at least three years from new.

We would suggest having your stop start battery tested, as this is the most likely cause of the system not functioning correctly. A SEAT dealer or independent specialist will be able to test the system for you and determine the problem. It is also worth noting that some stop start batteries need to be coded to the vehicle, making a job that most home mechanics will not be able to do.
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