Insurance sending me ga ga - DenisO
I am at the end of my patience. I've been trying all day to get a quote for a friend of mine to insure a Discovery to drive from England back to Greece in early November. He lives in Greece, his current car is completely knackered and I have just managed to secure a good deal on a 2nd hand Disco.
My ideal would be the following:-
1). Insurance for me to drive it from the dealer to where it will be stored for about 2 months. (about a 6 mile journey)
2). Fire and theft insurance whilst it is stored in a lock up for the 2 months.
3). Insurance for him for about a week to drive from the UK to Greece. When he gets to Greece he will put it on his Greek car insurance.
However it has proved impossible to get anyone to give such cover.
I've had various options as follows:-
1). Register the car to my company with him and me as drivers with the only company that I can find that will give a years insurance which includes a years green card. Fully Comp would cost £3,700.......obviously a non starter.
2). Register the car in my name, insure fully comp with most companies for him and I and when he comes to driving to Greece get a 30 day green card at no extra cost. Once he gets to Greece cancel the UK insurance and get a refund. The years premium would be around £600 but no-one will be specific about how much refund we could get on cancellation after 2 months usage. I suspect it will be prohibitive with admin costs etc.
The premium is high (both in our 50's with clean records....honest m'lud)because all no claims are used on other vehicles.
It seems insurance companies and brokers are fine if they are issuing standard policies to standard cars but ask them to think slightly "out of the box" and they go all wibbly. I even tried the Land Rover specialists to get a limited mileage classic policy but the car has to be 10 years old to qualify, and you guessed it..........the Disco is a 1994. Grrrrrrrrr.
Perhaps the collective brains in the BR can come up with some other suggestions to meet my criteria.
Insurance sending me ga ga - Phoenicks
1. Insure it fully comp. pay £600.

2. 1 day later when in lock up revert it to fire and theft cover. get refund of large amount.

3. when need to drive to greece, reinstate the fully comp and get green card. then cancel when over there. get refund (but yes, likely to be a lot smaller than £600.)

No easy options but you could try a pay as you go cover if you can find one. It wont be cheap overall because of the admin costs the companies may feel they're entering into. to have a standard policy as diverse as the one you require would be an administrative nightmare for most companies.

Insurance sending me ga ga - Dwight Van Driver

Three to try as they advertise in the Land Rover Owners Mag to insure any LR on or off road:

Choice Quote on 0870 740 9254 (Quote Ref 139)

Finally don't forget National Farmers Union at

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