fuel evaporation rover 4416sli auto? - awasawas
Once the car is warmed up and I stop to say buy a paper/petrol,the car will not start.I have to wait say 5minutes and then it starts first time.It does not happen all the time but can happen 2/3 times a week,then perhaps a month no problem.
Rover 416 sli auto L reg.I have been told it is fuel evaporation and to change route of fuel lines but am worried about insurance implications and cost. Could it be something else ?
fuel evaporation rover 4416sli auto? - David Davies
I'd suggest to you that this problem is not fuel evaporation but the classic main relay fault which affects the Honda engined Rovers.You will find this behind the centre console on the left.It is a largish relay and is grey in colour.Fit a new one,you will almost definitely cure the non-start when hot.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
fuel evaporation rover 4416sli auto? - DL
Ignition amplifier? Could be either the relay or amp.

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