The trouble with new cars is!!!! - Totally TDCI'd Off
The problem with most manufacturers seems to be that they only allow about 2 to 3 years before redesigning their models.

Does this mean that all of us poor consumers who have the countless faults that occur are mere guinea pigs?

No! When the Manufacturers find they have the faults, they bang out the new facelift and redesigned models and allow all of the faulty cars to run their course with the disgruntled owners.

These owners are usually the unfortunates that have the pleasure of owning ex-fleet cars that have had NO TLC at all.

Take one fleet driver, add inherent manufacturer faults plus quite a few thousand miles and hey presto!!!

Bag of BOB!!
The trouble with new cars is!!!! - THe Growler
>>>>The trouble with new cars is!!!!

That nice "new" smell fades so quickly.
The trouble with new cars is!!!! - Vansboy
I've always thought the best NEW car to buy,is the run out model,thats just about to be replaced.

The makers will have done all the rectification of problems that appeared during the productionun life. Thus it should be as good as it would ever get!

Plus, of course, incentives to get the old design out of the showrooms would include attractive prices & up-spec models.

The trouble with new cars is!!!! - Andrew-T
V'boy - Agree up to a point. I suggest a vehicle about 12 months before run-out. Real run-out cars are flung together on a production line which will shortly be dismantled, and the staff are probably already being trained for assembling the replacement model. What's more, it's quite possible that the run-out cars have been hanging around outdoors hoping for a buyer for several months. Though I suppose the last of a line usually has all the hi-spec gismos thrown in.
The trouble with new cars is!!!! - DavidHM
Also, depending on the discount you get, you may find that depreciation is much worse on the old than the new. Sometimes it doesn't make much difference, of course.
The trouble with new cars is!!!! - Blue {P}
I agree with Andrew, I think the last run of Nissan Micras were flung together a lot more carelessly than earlier models, even our 51 reg isn't that great.

The same would seem to be true for my last Fiesta, the workforce were all getting laid off when it was built, so a few more niggles are to be expected.

So far my new MK6 Fiesta has been faultless.

Well that should have jinxed it!

The trouble with new cars is!!!! - volvoman
I'd agree with that especially if you're looking to keep the car for a long time and having the latest model doesn't matter. It's not quite as bad as the PC arena but it's getting that way and who demands the constant change and tweaking ??? Cars are hideously complex things now and I'm starting to think that the makers are quite happy to perpetuate this situation. Things change so quickly now that I also wonder if dealer training can keep pace and this may be one reason why there are so many unhappy owners here.
The trouble with new cars is!!!! - 3500S
Hmm, I agree. I do like the Honda attitude of new cars every 5 years, it is a good cycle that the manufacturer and consumer seem to be aware of.

What I don't like are these 'face-lifts', it smacks me of an already dated design and unsatisfactory build at first manufacture.
The trouble with new cars is!!!! - peterb
I rather like new, shiny, not-many-about-yet cars!
The trouble with new cars is!!!! - Pugugly {P}
There are lot of late reg MK1 Vectras around, they were good value for money in the last 12 months and according this site were not as bad as painted (why am i defending them ?!)


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