New Fiesta Zetec - Leanne

I have set my heart on buying a new Fiesta Zetec 1.4 petrol. I had a test drive today, and although it didn't set the world on fire, I am still determined to get one.

I have had a look around all of the internet sites, however Ford seems to be offering a decent deal with free insurance and air con at the moment.

I have a 2000 X reg Micra that I was intending to sell privately to get the best price.

The way I see it the free insurance is worth £350 to me, and the air con is a bonus that I would not pay for.

What are peoples thoughts on the best way to proceed to get the best deal. I was thinking of asking the Ford dealer to match/beat the lowest internet price, plus an allowance of £350 for the insurance i.e. £8450 (jamjar @ £8100 ish.) I don't want an import, for fear of difficulty in selling it on in 4 years or so.

Many thanks for all help received.
New Fiesta Zetec - DavidHM
Sounds about right, and if they'll do the deal, go ahead. Do not expect them to price match an import - or at least not without some allowance for less warranty and potentially lower resale value.

However, I think has stopped selling imports so you'd have a new UK car from them anyway.

You're right to sell privately and to know the exact value of all the extras to you. One thing - air con is worth paying *something* for because, if you are concerned about resale, you'll have a hell of a job shifting it in a few years' time, The same goes for metallic paint - if you want it, it's worth the extra because you'll more or less get the whole cost back.

A Focus Zetec without air is worth £800 less at a year old than one with, even though air is only £500 extra new. It's not very easy to get money off any Fiesta at the moment because the special offers seem to be funded out of dealer margins.

Don't forget that, for the same money, you could get a Jazz 1.4 S or Polo 1.4 Match from a broker which will be worth more second hand, so lower total cost of ownership.
New Fiesta Zetec - Canon Fodder


A broker such as ukcarbroker, will get you the freebies [ins & a/c] and a nice big discount off list - good eh?

New Fiesta Zetec - Leanne
Tried them - they couldn't include the ins & a/c as part of their package, which seems to put them at a big disadvantage to the Ford dealers at the moment.
New Fiesta Zetec - IanT
The insurance and a/c package is a "Ford" offer, funded by Ford not by the dealer, so I don't understand why ukcarbroker can't offer it. Maybe it's because ukcarbroker have just started selling pre-reg cars as well as dealer-supplied cars.

In that case, try a different broker

On the other hand, the wording of Ford's offer is very peculiar - they offer free air conditioning "where fitted" on *all* the following models:
LX (the basic model with no a/c)
Zetec (the basic model with no a/c)
LX A/C (where a/c is normally fitted anyway)
Zetec A/C (where a/c is normally fitted anyway).
Flame (assume that's got a/c as standard)

Beats me what they mean by "where fitted".

New Fiesta Zetec - Blue {P}
You're not making a mistake! I bought the exact same car in May, except the deal at the time was 2 years free insurance. But I think I had to pay £500 for my air con, and believe me, you will ise it so often it reallt is worth getting...

Do your Ford dealers use a computer system when working out finance etc? Basically keep pushing for a good deal, and look like you will walk otherwise. You *can* get free metallic if you try hard enough, because they work on approximately a 7% profit margin within which they can haggle. Offering free metallic is within this margin.

If you want to know anything specific just ask...

New Fiesta Zetec - Leanne

What did you end up getting and wha did you pay in the end, if you don't mind me asking?
New Fiesta Zetec - IanT
Leanne's already spotted this, but just to clarify my own ramblings ...

"Free Air Conditioning" in FordSpeak means:

If your Fiesta LX/Zetec/Flame has got air conditioning fitted, you get £500 discount (the price of a/c in the options list).

If your Fiesta LX/Zetec/Flame hasn't got air conditioning fitted, you get £482 discount (a number apparently picked out of thin air, but shown in Ford's Terms & Conditions).

And the Fiesta Flame doesn't have a/c as standard.

New Fiesta Zetec - Dan J
Hi Leanne

The 1.4 isn't the fastest car in the world but it's a well built motor and the free insurance and aircon are a very good offer.

This offer is also available on the 1.6 as well but do not buy one of these cars, even if the dealer is offering some amazing deal to clear it off his forecourt. The reason being there seems to be an ECU fault on the car which, whilst not appearing on all 1.6's, seems to be untreatable by the dealers.

Good luck!

Dan J
New Fiesta Zetec - Leanne
After reading the terms and conditions of the offers on Fords website, it seems that they will knock around £500 off the price, if air con is not fitted.

I was thinking if they would knock this off the car (without aircon of course) and then discount by £600 (the discount indicated by what-cars target price) this would be a good deal, and the dealer should make a little bit.

Does this sound like a good idea please?
New Fiesta Zetec - Dan J
I appreciate that 500 quid is a lot of money but you'll find having aircon fitted will make the car significantly more easy to sell or part-ex up to 4 or so years old.

The Focus Zetec doesn't come with aircon as standard (it's a 500 quid/650 quid Comfort pack option) but the car is impossible to sell without it - I guess it'll be similar with Fiestas.
New Fiesta Zetec - Blue {P}
I bought a Metroplis Blue 1.4 Fiesta Zetec 3 Dr with the optional air conditioning. As at the time I had to pay for it, it was somewhere in the region of £600 extra, but worth every single penny.

The total price was £9,600

I said I wanted free metallic paint and they gave me it, they also gave me 12 months tax, free mats, and a good price on my trade in. I also got two years free insurance, which was the big selling point, that is worth approx £3,000 to me! :O

Overall I think I got a damn good deal, and the car is great, coping admirably with my enthusiastic driving style! I took it on a 200 mile drive to Alton Towers after getting it, and I thought it was very comfortable and sooo much quieter in the cabin than my old Fiesta!

Go for it, you won't regret it, but remember, if the list price is £9,000 then you have about £630 to play with, that's roughly how much profit the dealer will be making, so free metallic is a must, a good trade in is a must, and when asking for theis outrageous deal, stare them straight in the eye and make them think that you will walk if they don't play ball! In fact, you should walk, there are lots more Ford dealers out there!

Also, you may be able to see the profit margin on their computer screen, there is a small line in the bottom left corner which has lots of characters and then something like VP00000356 in the middle, that indicates a profit margin of £356 remaining for example. I got mine down to £130 from an early high of £700ish :-)

Fiesta Zetec - Update - Leanne
Well......I finally got one!

Thanks to everyone for their advice.

I ended up with a Fiesta Zetec but with the 1.4TDCi engine. It cost more to start with but worked out loads cheaper over 4 years when fuel costs were taken into account.

I paid £9000 including metallic, mats and tank of Fuel. I got this discount discount by not having aircon and haggling a bit more on the price.
Fiesta Zetec - Update - Blue {P}
That's not bad for the TDCi engine, I (foolishly) forgot to look into that engine when buying my car so I've no idea how much extra it would have cost me, but probably more than I could have afforded, it's a personal preference but to me the A/C was far more important so that's what I paid for.

Hope you're really happy with the car, I've heard a lot of good reports about the TDCi engine.

Let us know when it arrives and what you think of it!



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