Clunking on a Corsa - Monaro
My old style 2000X Corsa SXi is making a metallic clunking sound from the front which appears when nearly on full lock or manovering (ie steering) at low speed. It has been into Vauxhall dealerships 3 times now, and they continue to find nothing wrong. The noise has occasionally appeared at higher speed, but it isn't constant. My 3 year warranty is up in 3 weeks, and we want it sorted under the warranty.
Does anyone have any ideas as to what this is?

Thanks for the help,
Paul C
Clunking on a Corsa - John S

Clunking or clicking on full lock is usually the classic sign of CV joint problems. Have they acknowledged the noise is there, or is it one that goes away at the dealers?

As for the warranty, have you got any paperwork to confirm that the car has been in to the dealer for investigation of this problem? If so you will still have a good chance of getting it sorted if they haven't fixed it within the warranty period - they can't just fob you off by doing nothing until the warranty expires, especially if the problem has been demonstrated.


john S
Clunking on a Corsa - Mondaywoe
I doubt if this is your problem, but I'll throw it in as a thought! My Mum's Clio had a similar problem - although only going down hills on a tight left lock! I had it up on axle stand, stripped and re-assembled the brakes, checked all the CV joints, track rod ends, ball joints etc. Then I noticed a bolt securing the front anti- roll bar to wishbone had sheared. Gleefully, I went to the local Renault dealer, got a proper replacement - fitted it and had a test drive. Problem solved? Not on your nelly!

Only then, did I notice that thr front mud flap was suspiciously close to the tyre - especially at full lock. Took off both front mudflaps. Noise stopped immediately!

The problem didn't really show up on a flat garage floor, but with weight on the front of the car (going downhill) and the tight lock it just was enough to contact the tyre!

Moral - check the dafter than daft things as well!

Clunking on a Corsa - Mondaywoe
P.S Have they checked the engine and/or gearbox mountings?


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