Audi A4 TDI Ripoff price - big dave 30
can any one tell me if £ 288 is the correct price for a mass air meter for an audi A4 1.9TD-110 1998-SE for finding and repairing the fault at a main dealer.They quoted £199 for the part the rest is for fitting.I had a fit at the price did anyone have the same responce.
Audi A4 TDI Ripoff price - Ivor E Tower
Try German & Swedish car parts (spares company).
The VW/Audi 1.9TDI engine is also fitted to the Ford Galaxy, and on that vehicle's forum ( there are numerous stories of problems with the MAF sensor, and exclamations of horror over its price as a spare part.
It could be time for someone to take VW/Audi to task over its pricing policy for "commonly needed" spares - the cost is horrendous; it must only cost a few pounds to make.
Worse to come though - one forum visitor has reported that the cost of a MAF sensor for the Nissan 2.7TD engine is over £400! - and that excludes fitting.
Audi A4 TDI Ripoff price - Aprilia
VW/Audi parts are not cheap - but £200 for the AFM is not actually that bad as a dealer price. Eurocarparts sell them for much less though (around £100, I think). I fitted one to a Passat TDi about 6 weeks ago and I think that's the price the owner paid. They are easy to fit - you could DIY if you feel confident, or you could get an independent to do it for you for less than the dealer.


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