BMW brake pads - j99
I have a 3.5 year old BMW 520 which needs new brake pads. The main dealer quotes 118 pounds to fit these, whereas a local garage quotes 45 pounds to fit non-BMW pads (Ferodo), or they can fit BMW pads for more if I want.

Is worth paying the extra to have pads fitted by the dealer? -rumour has it that some people don't like buying BMWs that have servicing done by non-main-dealers, but does that extend to brake pads, which are a fairly routine item?

Someone said that because the brake pad warning sensor has been activated, I might need a new sensor -is this true?
BMW brake pads - DavidHM
Full service history means just that - the servicing has been done by the main dealer. People probably wouldn't even blink if something other than servicing, but which is routine, is done by an independent, especially if it's the same independent all the time and they have a good reputation. If the car is 5+ years old, the additional value on the car is likely to be offset by the extra servicing costs.

It also depends on how long you're planning to keep the car. If it's going in the next year or so, it might be worth swallowing this one expense and putting up with it and saying it's always been maintained by BMW.

If on the other hand, it's going to be yours for the next three to five years, you will probably put a lot more into servicing than you will get back at resale by going to a main dealer.

Don't forget that, once your car is four (I think) years old, it qualifies for reduced parts (and labour?) costs at the franchise, to meet with exactly this problem, in which case you may have to look at it again. My take is that, if this car is a keeper, and you trust the independent, and he's always that much cheaper, now the car's out of warranty, it's perfectly fine not to use the franchise.
BMW brake pads - Dizzy {P}

It's a pity you can't do the job yourself because the pads are a doddle to change (once you know what to do) and the cost to D-I-Y is far less than you have been quoted. Three years ago I bought good quality new pads AND ventilated discs for the front end of my BMW 525 for an all-in cost of £80 (of which £20 was for the pads), and then a set of pads and discs for the rear for about £60.

A new sensor won't be needed simply because it's been activated, but it may be worn out if it has been activated for a fair length of time, e.g. it's been showing that you have a brake problem but you have ignored it - and I'm sure you wouldn't do that! However its a good idea to have a new sensor anyway -- they are only two or three pounds each and there's only one per side, front and rear.

By the way, I totally endorse what DavidHM says about the pros and cons of maintaining a BMW service history.
BMW brake pads - eMBe {P}
>>-rumour has it that some people don't like buying BMWs
that have servicing done by non-main-dealers,>>

You are right in saying "some people".

David HM said >> "Full service history means just that - the servicing has been done by the main dealer.".>>
Main Dealer? No. Wrong !
"FBMWSH" means full BMW service history.
"FSH" means Full service history.

Actually, neither is of true value - unless accompnied by a full set of bills, and service sheet showing exactly what was done and signed by the technician. Even then, if you want to 100% make sure, you need to check with BMW's computerised database.

Note that I can advertise a car as having "full service history" and then give you a piece of paper listing what I call to be a full service history. (Because then I would be giving you exactly what I had said in the ad. ) Note that a full service-history is also different to a a full-service history.

Now in reply to your question, I would personally get authorised genuine BMW pads and have them fitted by a BMW specialist (not necessarily a BMW main dealer).

Brakes, Tyres and Steering - remember your life (and other peoples lives) depends on them. These are crucial sfety items. If you can afford a BMW, you cannot afford to save money on these.
BMW brake pads - DavidHM
eMBe - thanks for pointing out my sloppiness. My point was that full BMW service history means that it's been serviced at the right time by the right people, no more no less.

I'm not sure that I agree with your point about a full service history being defined by the seller - it's misleading advertising and not as described if it doesn't meet a reasonable person's expectations of what a full service history is.

And as for the pads being BMW/Ferodo - it's unlikely that BMW develops and manufactures its own specifically and it's quite possible that the Ferodo and BMW parts are the same product in a different box. Even so, eMBe's suggestion to find a competent BMW specialist and use genuine BMW parts is probably the best compromise between economy and quality - with the proviso that genuine, reasonably priced specialists aren't that easy to find.
service history - eMBe {P}
At the risk of going off-topic, this is what Hj says
>>" ... Now ask to see the service history. Not a book full of stamps; the actual bills for all the work on the car which the owner has paid for, or, if a fleet car, a computer print-out of its service history. If, from this, you find that the car has been 'overserviced' (had its oil and filter changed every 4-6 months), then be willing to pay more for it than the guides suggest. If, on the other hand, it has been 'underserviced' (with gaps of more than a year), then pay substantially less than guide price. ...">>

Note: {P} - indicates that I am advertising that my profile can be viewed.
service history - Dan J
Very true eMBe.

Any time any of our newer cars have been dealer serviced, not only does the book get stamped but you of course get the printed receipt detailing everything done.

A fully stamped service book literally means nothing without this.
service history - madf
Remember BMW dealers enter all service details on their computer which is available nationwide. I personally would not buy a BMW less tha 5 years old without a full BMWSH.. and that includes BMW computer s/h.

Having said that I bought a 6 year old E30 320i with full BMWsh and changed all dampers and pads myself......


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