Jaguar Diesel Estate - BB
With the release of the diesel X type estate coming in a few months, could this be the car that gives the passat estate and 406 estate a run for its money?
Very attractive car to look at (IMO)

Should VW and peugeot be shaking in there bad quality boots?
Jaguar Diesel Estate - J Bonington Jagworth
Not just a diesel Jaguar, but a diesel Jaguar estate? Sir William Lyons must be rotating in his grave! :-)
Jaguar Diesel Estate - THe Growler
Amen and RIP.
Jaguar Diesel Estate - Dan J
The X type estate has a release planned for early 2004 but expect very late spring...
Jaguar Diesel Estate - CM
why not just buy a Ford Mondeo estate?
Jaguar Diesel Estate - neil
Or if you want a quality Jaguford diesel estate, a V70 D5?
Jaguar Diesel Estate - paul45

Previous posting I had on "Q" cars lead me to go and test drive the X type at the local Jag dealers this weekend, on speaking to the salesman, he stated the following.

Firstly that the diesel engine whilst "based" on the TDCi lump in the mondeo has been "jaguarised". Secondly that the suspension in the X-type more closely resembles the focus (independent) than the Mondeo. I'm not sure whether I could smell bovine droppings in the near vicinity or is that just my cynical nature getting the better of me. Anybody know the truth out there...

Incidentally took a 2.5l out for a test drive, obviously smoother than my 2.0 primera but made me want the 3.0l. HJ recommends the 2.5l lump though, not sure why.

Coming back to the diesel thread, decent looking motor with reasonable performance, however given pricing >£20k I would have thought it would have been Audi A4 or BMW 3 series where the Jag is aiming for rather than 406 or Passat territory?
Jaguar Diesel Estate - matt35 {P}
I think I directed your thoughts to the X on your original post?
I had a 3l loan car and did not like it compared to the 2.5 - maybe HJ had the same feeling that the, with the auto box,is a better fit?
Jag had to introduce a diesel as around 50% of cars in some Euro countries are diesel - these countries can be identified as those with Transport Ministers+Brain if you do a Google search.
Why not phone Jag technical and ask for details of your suspension query - they are very helpful people, and they need to sell motors?
At the end of the day, choice of a car is subjective - good luck with whatever you eventually choose.
Jaguar Diesel Estate - paul45

Indeed you did, the 2.5l was a demonstrator with 4500 on the clock, manual. Didn't quite understand your post though, do you mean that the 2.5l is better than the 3.0l with an auto box ? Or something else ? Thanks.

Will take your useful advice and call the techy boys. Can't argue with your subjective philosophy, it's about what makes you smile every time you get in and I guess an x-type does it for you, that's what I'm trying to find. A6 didn't do it by the way and neither did the subaru. The x-type could have done but I felt it needed a bit more bhp, thus the comment about the 3.0l. Haven't tried one yet, that's next weekend's job.

Must question your output on google surely "no matches found" :)


Jaguar Diesel Estate - matt35 {P}
I don't know if it was the ride in the 17" wheels, or what it was on the 3l - both are auto boxes but the 2.5 feels better balanced to me...also - the engine and the mpg get better and better after 10000 - I drive it like a manual ( on sport setting ) and the computer tells me I am getting 26.6 mpg for mainly a mix of local and IAM 35 mile I have had is 33mpg Essex/Antwerp and back.
Make sure you have the Sport setting when you test - makes a big difference to the performance.
I looked at the Celica before I got the X - also liked the look of the Saab - let us know what you eventually choose.
Jaguar Diesel Estate - CM
Believe that Jag are making a 2.7 or 3.0 litre diesel with Citroen that will be good for over 200bhp. Might be worth waiting for that one rather than tinkering with the Ford tdci 130.
Jaguar Diesel Estate - Dan J
V6 2.7 - it is only currently planned for the S-type though. Will appear later in the XJ series.

Will be quite a monster if it does end up in the X type but I wouldn't bank on it.
Jaguar Diesel Estate - DavidHM
Possibly not this generation; Ford will be replacing the Mondeo platform in 2006 and I wouldn't have thought the X Type would last beyond 2006-2008.

But if there is a 3.0, 240 bhp V6, as well as a sporting R version planned, there is no reason why marketing the car as a sports saloon won't demand a proper sporting diesel to go against the 330d.

Otherwise it's a bit half hearted in markets where the tax regimes favour diesel.

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